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Gold Cardinal's ring, set with an Aquamarine and Diamonds.


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18 Karat gold Cardinal’s ring, set with an hexagonal aquamarine surrounded by stylised greek friezes. A Cross set with diamonds, on each side of the ring.

Hallmark: Hervé Matteau (Priest who set up his own Jewelry business in 1867).

Circa 1924.

Gross weight: 33 grs

Provenance: This ring belonged to Cardinal Alfonso Mistrangelo (1852-1930), who was elected Cardinal during the consistory of December 6th 1915 by Pope Benedict XV (1854-1922): Extracted from the Pope’s speech: “By the authority of Almighty God, of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and Ours. We create and proclaim Cardinals Priests of the Holy Roman Church: Jules Tonti, Alphonse-Marie Mistrangelo, Jean Cagliero, André-François Fruhwirth, Raphaël Scapinelli nelli di Lèguigno, Georges Gusmini, with the necessary and opportune dispensations, derogations and clausules”. On the death of Cardinal Mistrangelo in 1930, the ring was passed on to his personal secretary his Eminence Léon Laffitte (1885-1968), who became the secret Chamberlain of Sovereign Pontiff Pius XI in 1923. In 1943, he was promoted to apostolic prothonotary by Pope Pius XII. On November 30th 1950, his civil rank changed, he was appointed as the Honorary Vicar General of the Diocese of Monaco. He died in Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine), on March 5th 1968, and he was buried in Saint-Paul-de-Jarrat, three days later. On the death of Monseigneur Léon Laffitte (1885-1968), the ring was passed down by his heirs to its current owner.

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